Monday, August 1, 2016

Section: 29
Hours: 4

Today I set some heavy cherry max pull rivets and then got Deb to help me rivet a couple of rows. It's a little challenging getting the bucking bar on some of the rivets. I had to remove a couple of the bolt to get to a few of the rivets. The other problem I ran into is that I somehow missed dimpling the #30 holes at the edges. I was able to dimple them in place using the squeezer for a few, the pull rivet dies for some others and then a few I had to mount the male dimple die in the rivet gun and back the hole with the female die set in a bucking bar. What a PITA. I'm not entirely happy with the result- it would have been much better to dimple the skins with the DRDT-2 dimpler.

We didn't last long in the afternoon heat. I'll get Richard to help me later in the week.

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