Monday, August 22, 2016

Section: 29
Hours: 8

Deb helped me set the rivets that join the side skin to the bottom forward skin.

Then I riveted in the web stiffeners.

Looking ahead, the fuel system for the RV-14 runs in from the wing roots directly under your knees and then up through the center tunnel to the firewall. I started thinking about having pressurized fuel lines running through the cabin and decided it would be worth while to invest in a well manufactured set of fuel lines. Aircraft Specialty has a retro fit fuel system available for the RV-14 that includes CNC bent lines with heavier 5052 aluminum and a flex braided line from the fuel pump to the firewall. The flex line should handle vibration and impact in case of a bad landing much better than the solid tubing provided by Van's. I ordered this kit and it was delivered today, only 4 days after ordering! The box that arrived was much smaller than I was expecting, but the tubing runs are not that long. Everything looks well fabricated.

I spent all afternoon attaching the wing root faring attach angles.  It took much longer than I expected because I had dimpled several holes forward the back of the top rear angle the wrong direction and didn't discover the error until I had already shot a bunch of rivets in it. I had to drill them all out and correct the dimpling and then do it over again. I also had a lot of problems setting a rivet in the upper forward attach angle because the nut plate made access to the rivet impossible. After two tries I gave up and removed the nut plate, easily set the rivet into the fuselage side and then reinstalled the nut plate. Live and learn...

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