Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Section: 30
Hours: 5

I continued riveting the tail to fuselage mating area today.

I started out riveting the baggage floor ribs to the rear bulkhead. This took awhile because it was so difficult to reach the rivets with the bucking bar and rivet gun. The manual call-out for 8 LP3-4 rivets confused me for awhile. It turns out you use the pull rivets only for the bottom hole in each of the 8 ribs. The rest of the rivets are solid (and hard to reach...).

Next I riveted the side skins to the longerons. The rivets on the bottom side of the skin overlap were a little tricky. I decided to back rivet these using my small iron bucking bar because it's face is slightly rounded and the corners are nicely radiused - perfect for fitting in under the skin overlap.

I continued back riveting for the rest of the skin rivets, but used the heavy mushroom head bucking bar.

I riveted down the vertical overlap joint as far as I could reach. The remaining rivets down the side and bottom will be a two person job.

I finished up this afternoon by installing the rest of the fuel tubing guides. I used a wedge to help set the top rivets because the pull rivet gun head just won't fit straight in because of the flange being in the way.

The guides are now installed and ready for fuel tubing.

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