Saturday, August 13, 2016

Section: 29
Hours: 5

FINALLY! Today was an assembly day!!! It seems like it took a long time to get to actually assembling parts- lots of parts to prep for the fuselage.

I started out easy, squeezing a couple rivets into the intercostal ribs and angle brackets. I had to use the rivet gun to set the rivets next to the flanges because I couldn't fit the squeezer in.

Then I back riveted on a couple stiffeners to the side skins. Much easier to back rivet these on now than when the side skins are in place on the fuselage.

I inserted the 7 and 8 length AN426-4 rivets and then laid the center section plate and upper drag fitting on top. The 7 length rivets looked too short the first time I did this and I discovered that the bag of 7 length rivets supplied from Vans were actually 6 length.

I've come across 2 bags of rivets improperly labeled in fuselage kit. I now regularly measure rivet lengths before riveting.

I spent the rest of the day clecoing the side skins in place and final torquing the bolts in the upper drag fittings. FINALLY making some visible progress.

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