Friday, August 26, 2016

Section: 29
Hours: 7

I assembled the seat back frame and attached it to the fuselage today.

I was able to squeeze all the rivets on the frame assembly which made it easy.

The manual specifies that you temporarily bolt the roll bar base before riveting the gusset to the upper longeron. That doesn't work out very for 2 of the flush rivets which fall under or right next to the base. I unbolted the base, shot the 2 rivets and then bolted it on again.

The right side went faster after figuring out the left side.  Most of these rivets are difficult to view the shop head side- I held the bucking bar and set them by feel and then inspected them with a mirror.

Here's the rivets that attach the seat brace to the bulkhead side brace.

It was a real squeeze getting the nuts on the roll bar base bolts once the intercostal was installed. I could not figure out how to get a torque wrench on these nuts so I tightened by feel, erring towards over torquing.

Here is the seat back brace installed!

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