Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Section: 29
Hours: 4

The replacement bearing arrived this morning around 1000. I spent the rest of the day reassembling the bearing holder, attaching the holder to the rib and then bolting and riveting the rib back into the fuselage and applying the cover over the ribs.

In the process of riveting the bearing holder back together I think I know what happened to the original bearing. I used the back rivet plate for setting the rivets and I may have accidentally gotten the plate under the bearing which stands proud of the holder pieces. The bearing may have gotten marred on the back rivet plate when I then set the rivets. I was careful to not repeat this mistake.

I installed the control column assembly and bolted up one side. Then I tried a couple shim combinations and found the best one and bolted up the other side. After several tries I was able to get the control column securely in place with no side play and no friction. What a difference a freely moving bearing makes!

(Sorry, I forgot to take pictures today).

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