Thursday, August 11, 2016

Section: 29
Hours: 6

Today I worked on getting as much ready for priming as I could. I dimpled the side skins.

Woody really enjoys helping me pull the plastic off the parts. A job that does not require opposable thumbs!

I finished up a couple more parts in preparation for a big painting day tomorrow. In reading through various construction logs, I was alerted to the need to flute the F-01419L & R parts to get rid of the bow in them. If you install them without fluting first they pull the fuselage skin inward introducing and unwanted curvature. These parts are really too thick to use fluting pliers on, but I tried anyway. I initially put in a set of flutes by hand, but I couldn't make them deep enough to get rid of the bend. Next I applied the vise to the fluting pliers and was able to make progress. Unfortunately, half way through the 2nd part, I exceeded the shear strength of the rivet in the pliers and broke them :-( Bad for me, good for Cleveland Supply who got and order for another set of pliers.

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