Monday, May 17, 2021

Section: 38
Hours: 4

Last year was a lost year to Covid. I started my tail wheel training and moved the wings to the airport and then everything shut down. The fuselage was almost ready to transport to the airport but it sat in my garage the whole year.

I got my vaccine shots and I am now ready to got back out in the world and hopefully get the airplane in the air this year.

The first task up this year is to get the rear window on. I had left it out to make it easier to work on projects in the cabin, but most of those are done. It was warm today and I worked slowly. I smeared pro seal between the skin and the plexiglass and tightened down the nuts and bolts to a low torque. Everything went well until the very end. A small crack came out of the last bolt I installed. I stop drilled the crack with 1/16" bit, drizzled some acrylic weld from Tap Plastic into the crack and called it a day.