Thursday, August 18, 2016

Section: 29
Hours: 8

I put in a full day and completed most of the rivets from the center section forward on both sides.

I started out by mixing up another batch of ProSeal to seal the forward edges of the side skins to the firewall and the upper longeron front section.

I was able to back rivet all of the upper longeron using the back riveting bucking bar.

The lower longeron gets both cherry max pull rivets and AN426AD4's. The drawing for the rivet layout specified 7 length rivets, but when I measured them they were too short. I ended up using 8's

I finished up the day squeezing rivets into the hinge line on the firewall. This was the easiest riveting job of the day!

Here's the various rivets and tools I used today. Lots of variety!

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