Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Section: 29
Hours:  7

I attached the root fairing attach angles to the right side of the fuselage today and it went a lot better than yesterday. I corrected the dimpling on the upper rear angle and did not install the front nut plate on the upper front angle. As a result, all the riveting went much smoother.

Here is the upper forward angle riveted on without the forward nut plate installed yet. It was much easier to reach the rivets without the nut plate in the way.

Here I've attached the nut plate after riveting to the side skin.

It was tough to rivet the forward rivet of the nut plate at the front of the upper rear angle.

I used an indirect riveting method to set the last rivet on the nut plate. I put my trusty titanium bucking bar on top of the rivet and held my small titanium bucking bar under the rivet and hit the upper bar with the rivet gun. Worked great!

The two CCR264SS-3-2 rivets in the upper corners of the flap block cutout seem somewhat flimsy and were hard to set flush using my pull rivet tool.

The rear two rivets on the upper angle are flush rivets. It really helped today that I had dimpled the angle in the correct direction before attaching it to the fuselage.

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