Monday, August 29, 2016

Section: 30
Hours: 4

I spent some time fitting and clecoing the bulkheads and overlapping tail and fuselage skins to make sure everything was lining up. I did a little minor edge adjustment with the duck bill pliers on the bottom skins to get them to lie flat in the corners where they all join up.

Here I've started riveting the bulkhead to the restraint lugs and tail internals.

I also started work on the fuel system. I cut and finished the fuel tubing supports / restrainers.

Here they are pop riveted to the ribs. The lugs on the outside must be set with the shop head on the fiber lug because you can't fit the rivet puller the other way around. To keep the shop head from pulling through the softer lug material you have to slide a washer over the rivet head before forming the shop head. I needed to use a wedge under the pull tool for the top rivets because of interference with the spare flange.

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