Friday, May 20, 2016

Section: 25
Hours: 6

Today I uncrated and inventoried the fuselage kit. My shelves have been emptied of wing parts so now was a good time to tackle this project. The shelves are now filled with fuselage parts just waiting to be assembled...

Woody helped pull miles of paper packing out of the box. It will be nice not having the box sitting in the middle of the driveway anymore.

Here's the small hardware all neatly wrapped in bags and boxes. I've found it's best to keep all the hardware in the brown bags. When hardware is called out in the plans, I look up what bag it is in from the inventory list and then pull the bag and get the hardware. I store the bags in bins labeled with the bag number so I can easily find the bag I'm looking for. I made the mistake of emptying the bags for the empennage kit into a divided box and the parts got mixed up after an accidental fall to the floor. If you keep them in the brown bags that can't happen.

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