Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Section: 17
Hours: 7

I will be installing an AOA / pitot tube with an AOA display in the cockpit so I've been debating whether I should also install the stall warning vane. It is easiest to install before you attach the leading edge to the spar. I had already cut out the slot for the vane so if I leave out the stall warning vane I would have to somehow fill in the slot. I decided that it would be good backup to have the stall warning vane incase the fancy glass panel goes black at some point.

So, I rounded up all the components and assembled the stall warning vane with lots of washers from several different bags of parts. When I went to install the vane in the leading edge assembly I discovered that I had installed the wrong outboard ribs. I mistakenly had put the W-1008-L rib in the left leading edge and the W-1008-R rib in the right leading edge. This is completely backwards- the right rib goes in the left leading edge and the left rib in the right. Silly me!

I drilled out all the rivets and swapped the outboard ribs to the correct assemblies and then riveted them back in. I drilled out all the rivets very carefully today, but a couple in the nose area were a little hard to extract. Many months ago I had ordered an oops rivet kit from Avery - before they closed their doors :-( I finally got to use a couple to complete the job today.

Here is the stall warning vane assembly installed on the corrected inboard rib.

Next I attached the outboard leading edge pieces to the spar. I installed all the pull rivets in both wings.

Here are the wings nestled in the cradle for the night. Richard and I will rivet the leading edge skins to the spar flange tomorrow and then I'll move on to work on leak testing and installing the tanks.

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