Monday, May 16, 2016

Section: 20
Hours: 6

I spent this morning reviewing the wing wiring. I'm planning on using LED navigation, strobe, landing and taxi lights. The AeroLED nav/strobe lights look like they are a nice solution. I visited their web site to see how to wire them up. They recommend using a 20ga 3 wire shielded cable to prevent radio interference / noise when you have the strobe running. Particularly if you are going to be using a Garmin radio stack (which I'm planning on). The wiring bundle supplied with the kit has the 20 ga wires required, but not in a shielded bundle. I spent the rest of the morning researching this and didn't come to any conclusion. I would like to use the provided wiring harness, but I really don't want to have to chase down radio interference problems.

I'd like to settle the wiring issues now because it is easy to route the wires while the bottom panels are off. However, lots of builders recommend to build on and worry about the wiring later.

After lunch I washed, acid etched and primed the aileron and flap gap seals and some small parts for the ADAHRS mount.

My plan is to attach the gap seals and then work on mounting the ailerons and flaps and build the control rod assemblies while continuing to research the wiring. I'll leave attaching the bottom skins until later in the project when I have a better idea about the wiring.

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