Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Section: 23
Hours: 4

I started work on the aileron actuation system. You cut the push rod tubing to length and then drill 6 equally spaced holes in both ends for riveting in the end connectors. I wrapped a piece of masking tape around the tube end with a little overlap. Then I cleanly sliced the tape and peeled it off and laid it out on a flat surface. I drew a line .25" from the end and divided it into 6 even spaces using my micrometer. Then I wrapped the tape back onto the tubing and center punched on the marks on the tape to layout the hole pattern for drilling. It helped to butt the tube up to a back board at 90 degrees and then align the tape parallel to the back board as you lay it on the tubing.

The threaded rod ends were slightly loose so I had to temporarily put a small length of electrical tape on the rod end and then jam it into the tube to hold it in place for drilling the first hole. After the first hole was drilled I was able to insert a cleco to hold the assembly in place.

Woody inspected the drilled tube ends.

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