Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Section: 18
Hours: 6

Today I closed out the left tank.

Everything layed out and ready to go. I've been using a gram scale to weigh the ProSeal part A and B. Today I mixed up about 74 grams of ProSeal and it was just enough to do the job. I've almost finished off 1 can of the white B part in the process of assembling 2 wing tanks.

Here's today's 74 grams of smelly gooey sealer.

I kept my gloves clean enough I was able to grab the iPhone to take a picture of the application of ProSeal. The end rib flanges are buttered over the whole surface, the interior rib flanges just have a thin coat over the rivet holes. The wing skin mating surfaces have a thin coat with a thicker bead just below the rivet line. I applied all the ProSeal using the popsicle stick seen in the mixing bowl above. Just like applying peanut butter to a sandwich...

When I did the right tank, a lot of ProSeal got pushed out of the rivet holes and made a big mess. This time I applied masking tape to the outside of the rivet line to keep the ProSeal from squeezing though while I applied it.

The z-flanges are riveted in at this point. Next I remove every other cleco and insert and squeeze a rivet. When I finish that, I remove the remaining clecos and squeeze the rest of the rivets.

Here's a finished row of rivets. Every 10th hole still has a cleco because the instructions have you not countersink those holes until after the ProSeal has cured. I'll be returning to them tomorrow to finish up.

Here's what the shop heads look like.

I had some time left after cleaning ProSeal off a couple hundred clecos so I decided to make the replacement for the left W-1027B wing walk double that I screwed up last week.

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