Monday, November 21, 2016

Section: 38
Hours: 5

I was hoping to get the next batch of parts for the canopy ready for painting tomorrow but I underestimated the amount of prep work yet to be done.

I started out fabricating the canopy handles from angle stock.

I counter sank some holes in the aft canopy rail flange and then moved on to adjusting the flanges of the canopy frames. The flanges required light fluting and a lot of adjustment to get them to lie flat against the canopy skin. I clecoed the frames to the skin and noted where adjustments were needed and then used my wood flange bending tool to square up everything. Some of the flange tabs needed some more curvature to fit smoothly into the curve of the skin.

I clecoed / unclecoed / adjusted multiple times before getting a fit I thought was close enough. I figure this part of the airplane will be (literally) in front of my face when flying so I better get it right. I don't want to be fixating on poorly seated rivets when I should be enjoying watching the sky.

I still have some counter sinking to do tomorrow, but here's my stack of parts mostly ready for wash, acid etch and prime.

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