Monday, November 7, 2016

Section: 35
Hours: 4

Today I fitted the hinges to the upper fuselage skin. You start by cutting a couple hinge sections to length, scribing an alignment mark and drilling an initial index hole to align the hinges to the skin. Then you remove a couple clecos from the skin, cleco the hinge through the index hole and start working from the center out drilling holes in the hinge to match the holes in the skin. I carefully kept the alignment scribe line on the hinge aligned with the skin edge by using cleco clamps on either side of the hole being drilled. It's an exacting tedious task but looks great when it's done!

After I completed drilling all the holes, I removed all the clecos and pulled the shims and hinges off of the fuselage. Then I dimpled the shims and countersank all the holes in the hinges.

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