Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Section: 35
Hours: 4

Yesterday UPS delivered the aluminum tubing I ordered from Aircraft Spruce and Sterling from Van's tech support advised me to use use the canopy release parts as provided but move the bolt hole in to provide sufficient hole edge distance from the inner tube. Today I assembled the canopy release parts and drilled the bolt hole. Then I cut the tubing for the release arms to length and scribed a line the length of each arm to establish the alignment for the pin holes. I then drilled the holes on the scribed line at both ends of the arms. Slots are required at both ends perpendicular to the pin holes. I used the bandsaw to cut an initial thin slot by setting the fence 1/2 the diameter from the blade so the blade would cut through the middle of the tubing. I established the orientation by putting a drill bit through the pin hole and holding the bit parallel to the bandsaw table as I pushed the other end of the tube into the bandsaw blade.

I widened out the slots by progressively moving the bandsaw fence out. I did the final slot fit using a flat file to make a snug, non binding fit over the lugs and end pins.

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