Thursday, June 30, 2016

Section: 28
Hours: 4

The battery box has all flush rivets on the inside of the box. It is impossible to use the countersink cage inside the box so I had to use some tricks to fabricate these countersinks. I pulled out my tight fit drill kit which has a couple of bit extension bars and a right angle drive.

Here is the long extension shaft coupled with the counter sink bit in action. I carefully countersank the first hole and then set the drill stop to the depth required for that hole. I was then able to safely countersink most of the rest of the holes.

The holes at the bottom of the battery box are under a bent over lip above so cannot be reached using the extension shaft. I was able to use the right angle drive and took a preliminary cut at the countersinks in that area.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fit the head exactly 90 degrees to the surface so the initial cuts were slightly skewed as seen here. I didn't drill full depth so I could finish up the holes by hand.

I took the short shaft extension, wrapped some tape around it for a better grip and then hand finished the countersink holes. Luckily there are not too many holes, but it is time consuming to finish holes this way. You just have to be patient.

Woody inspected the battery box and was amazed that the countersinks could be done so well. He then helped me remove the plastic protective wrap from the bottom skins and we called it a day as the temps had gone over 100 degrees in the garage by then.

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