Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Section: 25
Hours: 4

After all the prepping and priming comes assembly! Here is a fuselage bulkhead being assembled. The instructions say to use "temporary" nuts on the bolts. I didn't have any on hand and none are included in the kit so I set aside this work for later. There are also several holes that must be reamed. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading ahead in the plans to see what other "temporary" bolts, nuts and other hardware is required so I could order it all at once from Aircraft Spruce :-(

As long as I was on the computer, I also looked up tutorials and youtube videos on how to ream holes.  The take aways I got from the research are:
1) Use a slow drill speed. I set the belt on my drill press to the slowest pulley combination.
2) Use lots of lubricant. I liberally brushed on Boelube to the reamer and into the holes!
3) Don't insert the end of the reamer all the way into the chuck. You do not want it to be rigid so it can find the center of the hole without chattering.
4) Run the reamer into the hole and then turn off the drill press before removing the reamer.
4) Carefully clean the reamer after every hole so you don't run chips into the next hole and mar the surface.

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