Monday, June 13, 2016

Section: 26
Hours: 8.5

Today was a long day. I washed, acid etched and then primed the rest of the parts for section 26. Last week I looked at my neighbor's Bearcat project. He's using EkoPrime to prime all his parts (the same as I'm using). I noticed his prime coat was nice and smooth and asked him how he does it. He said the key is thinning the EkoPrime with distilled water. I've been shooting paint straight out of the can, which worked well in cooler weather, but my last couple batches have been coming out with a rougher finish. Today I thinned out the primer about 10% and it shot much smoother. I also discovered that the main orifice on my gun had gotten clogged with built up paint. I thoroughly cleaned the gun and got a much better spray pattern. Between the thinning and cleaner gun the painting part of the project today went much faster. Now if I could just figure out how to speed up the washing and acid etch scrub I'd be a happy camper :-)

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