Thursday, June 2, 2016

Section: 25
Hours: 8

Here is the aft center section bulkhead being assembled. I had some 3/8" "temporary" bolts on hand to aid in the alignment of the side angles before riveting. All these rivets were set using the rivet gun- the squeezer would not reach.

The bearing brackets are double flush riveted. The rivets called out are just a little long and the next smaller size are a little too short so the shop side of the flush riveting stands a little proud, but it looks like that won't matter because they clear the cover rib without any problem.

I noticed that the large rivets set in the spar section by the factory had some rivet tape residue on them which got me thinking. I put some clear packing tape on the tip of the rivet driver and the manufactured heads turned out much cleaner after driving them. Why didn't I discover this earlier?

It's beginning to look like an assembly! The cover plates are bolted and riveted to the spar. All I have to do now is figure out how to rivet the bearing bracket brace which doesn't have much clearance for riveting. I'll leave that for the morning when I'm fresh. Another 100+ degree day in the garage this afternoon.

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