Saturday, June 18, 2016

Section: 26
Hours: 2

Deb helped me rivet the baggage ribs to the bottom skin. I set the assembly on the floor so we could easily reach the rivets.

Looks like all the flush rivets came out flush.  Good job Deb!

Here's my side of the job.

Seat and baggage ribs are now attached to the bottom fuselage skin!

Section: 27
Hours:  6

I spent the rest of the day prepping parts for the firewall. The firewall has flush rivets throughout (except were marked on the plans) to make it easier to keep the engine side clean. All the reinforcing bars have to be counter sunk to accommodate the dimples in the stainless steel firewall bulkhead pieces. I did all the counter sinking on the drill press. I slowed the drill press down to the slowest setting and the counter sink cut nice and cleanly.

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