Thursday, June 16, 2016

Section: 26
Hours: 7.5

This morning Deb helped me rivet the fuselage bottom skin to the seat ribs. Easy work with two people but as Deb said "boring". Lots of rivets.

This afternoon I was presented with a bunch of difficult rivets. Here I'm using my thin titanium bar backed by a heavier bar to set some rivets in the side frame assembly.

The aft gear brace assembly gets pop riveted to the seat rib. It was really difficult to get the pop rivet gun on the bottom rivet. After trying out many positions on both sides of the rib, I was finally able to get a grip on the rivet by sliding the tool through the lightening hole of the outboard rib.

The power outlet bracket has rivets in the 4 corners that I was able to set using the squeezer. I had to use my inspection mirror to inspect the shop heads because they are hidden under the side flanges.

I riveted in the baggage area step assemblies and then clecoed in the middle baggage ribs with the seat belt lugs to finish off the day.

A nice detail is the seat belt lug brackets slide through holes in the bulkhead frame. I love the way all these parts fit together. Van's does an amazing job of engineering and manufacturing.

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