Monday, June 6, 2016

Section: 25
Hours: 3

Today I finished up the forward center section bulkhead assembly. I bolted and riveted in the bearing bracket braces.

Next I reamed out some bolt holes. I inserted the tail of the reamer in the forward side of the bulkhead (left side in pic below) and carefully pulled it into the hole stopping just before the cutting face reached the hole. Then I dabbed Boelube on the cutting face and chucked the reamer into the drill. Then I pulled the reamer through the hole (towards the right in the picture). I wiped down the reamer between each hole and ran the drill at a slow speed. The holes turned out very smooth.

Section: 26
Hours: 5

I used the squeezer to set the rivets for the baggage rib doublers. I also riveted nut plates, clips, routing brackets and crotch belt brackets to the seat ribs (not shown).

Then I bolted and riveted the seat ribs to the aft center section bulkhead. All the riveting was done using the long bent stick in the rivet gun to reach the rib flanges. I found it was easiest to camp the bulkhead to the table and shoot the rivets horizontally.

I torqued all the bolts and dabbed torque lock (bright orange paint) on each nut.

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