Saturday, December 12, 2015

Section: 18
Hours: 7

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is two gas tanks with no leaks ;-)

Thank you,


Today I final drilled holes, deburred holes, dimpled holes, rechecked flanges for 90°, deburred and polished flanges, deburred the large holes in the ribs and smoothed the edges around the nose of the ribs. I think I'm done prepping the gas tank ribs for both tanks.
Tools of the trade- I really like the air die grinder with polishing wheel

I spent the rest of the day cutting and finishing skin stiffeners for the tank. The provided channel sections had holes drilled to locate the angles and edges. I taped all the channels together and cut the individual pieces to length. Then I build a couple jigs to help cut the angles accurately and quickly. After cutting on the band saw, I sanded the edges on the belt sander to final shape and then polished all the edges on the grinder with the scotch bright wheel.
I cut a simple angle guide out of a 2x4 that slides along the parallel guide. I aligned the channel piece with the rear guide hole over the blade cut in the 2x4 and then ran it through the band saw. Perfect cut every time.

Jig for cutting reverse angle- had to make jig that worked with the 90° guide, but works the same way as guide above.

Cut and edge polished parts.

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