Thursday, December 24, 2015

Section: 18
Hours: 3

I did final drilling, scuffing of mating surfaces and dimpling of the right tank skin.
I had to use the C-Frame to dimple many of the holes that are unreachable with the DRDT2 dimpler.

Skin with scuffed mating surfaces and all dimples applied.

At the beginning of construction, I set up my benches so I can insert either the DRDT2 or the C-Frame between the 2 tables. I added a shelf off the end of one bench that supports the DRDT2.  I add a spacer to the shelf to get the C-Frame to the proper height.
C-Frame resting between tables on the shelf and a step up spacer.

DRDT2 resting on shelf added to the end of the right table.

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