Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Section: 18
Hours: 4

I've been busy with Xmas, skiing and programming lately, but today I put in some work on the tank. I finished counter sinking the rivet holes for the joint to the tank baffle. I also scuffed up the skin where the ribs and stiffeners will be joined to help with the pro seal bond. After scuffing, I dimpled the holes using both the DRDT2 and C-frame for the hard to reach holes.
Counter sinks go to a knife edge- I went slow and careful on these.

I taped off the areas to be scuffed and used the 3M polish pad in the air drill.

Large dimples are #8 die- be careful with deburring before dimpling to avoid cracks.

Scuffed, countersunk and dimpled left tank skin

I also filed, deburred, polished and cut to size these

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