Thursday, December 10, 2015

Section: 17
Hours: 8

First thing this morning I tackled the hard to reach rivets at the nose. I'll admit, even starting fresh first thing in the morning I still ended up drilling a few out. It's a hard reach all the way into the nose section and its hard to buck rivets at the max curvature portion of the airfoil.

I also riveted in the access door frame, landing light mount and the j-stiffener.

It appears everything lined up nicely, but final alignment will occur when this gets attached to the spar in a couple weeks.

Heres some shots of with all the rivets in place.

After lunch I clecoed the right outboard leading edge together and riveted the ribs almost to the nose. Work went much faster after learning how to do it with the left assembly.

 By the end of the day I had put in all but the last couple rows of rivets. It gets progressively more difficult the further into the wing section you go because the curvature is greater and the reach is longer.

Chief inspector Woody advised me to knock off for the day after looking over the bottom rows of rivets. I was happy to comply- too many rivets...

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