Monday, December 28, 2015

Section: 18
Hours: 3

I fabricated the tank attach bracket shims (multiple times...). I found Figure 2 on page 18-04 to be somewhat confusing which caused me to assemble the wider shim the wrong direction the first time. Also, there was a discrepancy between rev.0 and rev.1 where the B and C parts were reversed, so I initially dimpled the wrong holes.

Here are the correct holes dimpled, but the angled cut at the end is wrong... I made another set after this one (see below).

Rivet these nut plates before attaching the shim to the attach bracket otherwise you won't be able to reach the rivets.

Attach the shim to the bracket after you have riveted on the K1100-08D nut plates.

Make sure you overhang the T-1008B shims in the opposite direction of the flanges as shown above and below.

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