Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Section: 17
Hours: 4

Today I started back on the wing onboard leading edge sections. The manual suggests now is a good time to paint the area behind the landing lights. I agonized over gloss white vs flat black. Since I haven't decided on a paint scheme, I was worried the gloss white might clash with what ever I end up with. Can't go wrong with flat black - so I ended up painting the area behind the wing lights flat black. It was foggy and really humid in Sacramento today so I was a little worried about how well the paint would lay down. The rattle can enamel paint seems to be adhering to the Stewart Systems epoxy primer just fine and I'm not seeing any blushing.

After painting I riveted nut plates and finished off another page of the construction manual! I back riveted all the parts except the light holder brackets, which I squeezed.

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