Friday, February 9, 2018

Section: 12
Hours: 5

I worked on attaching the rudder tip fairings.

The drilling and riveting went fairly easily on the top tip fairing.

I had sanded the edges of the bottom tip to a very good fit a couple days ago. However, when the tip was pushed onto the end of the rudder, there were large gaps because the fiberglass was too wide. I taped the edges using masking tape to pull everything into place before drilling any holes. After drilling holes and applying clecos the fit looks good.
The K1000-06 nut plates that were provided with my kit were not -06, they were too large. Luckily I had some extras I had ordered from Aircraft Spruce. I'm also missing some of the #6 screws needed for fastening.
 The plans call out offsetting the rear nut plate on one side, but they do not specify a dimension for the offset. I wish I had offset a little more- the riveting was a little difficult for the 2 opposing rivets seen below.

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