Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Section: 20
Hours: 3

I riveted together the ADAHRS mounting tray and fit the magnetometer bracket. After riveting the tray together I tried to slide the magnetometer bracket in. Unfortunately, the fit was too snug because I made the flutes in the retainer covers too deep. I tried flattening them with pliers, but even then the fit was too tight. I ended up filing down the edges of the bracket to get a better fit. I should have tried the fit before riveting the tray together. Live and learn...

Section: 19
Hours: 2

I decided to run the Van's supplied light and tip strobe wiring through the wing today so I could get an idea of how it fits. I like how the connector fits into a support bracket at the wing root.

I think I will pull out the red, yellow, green and white nav/strobe wires and replace them with a 3 wire shielded cable to eliminate noise. I'll tie the shield to ground on the FlyLED's controller in the fuselage and the shielded cable should fit in the existing grommets in the ribs along with the head light wiring.

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