Thursday, February 22, 2018

Section: OP-38
Hours: 4

The paint cured on the parts I painted yesterday after being in the warm house overnight. This morning I riveted together the electric aileron trim module. I was able to squeeze all the rivets which made it pretty easy.

After lunch I puzzled out how to attach the Garmin GAP-26 plumbing to the pitot and AOA lines. I was going to just order a duplicate of the fittings Van's provides for the kit pitot tube, but I discovered they are sized for 1/4 inch tubing and the GAP-26 has 3/16 inch tubing. I started looking for the proper AN fittings in the Aircraft Spruce catalog - there a lot of choices. Then I remembered I had a lot of plumbing parts left over after installing the static ports. I had ordered the Avery EFIS System Plumbing kit from Aircraft Spruce when I was working on the tail cone. It turns out that it has fittings for the GAP-26 aluminum to plastic tubing connections.
 I pulled the pitot and AOA lines through the wing. Then I worked on installing the aileron actuator on the end of the wing. I had cleaned and primed the tubes a couple days ago. The tubes had been a close fit before painting and now they didn't fit at all. I spent a couple hours sanding primer off to get the tubes to fit together again and then applied a good coat of grease and slipped them together. When I went to fit them in the end of the wing I discovered I had to sand even more because you need to slip the inner tubing well past the mark to get the assembly to seat in the bearings.

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