Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Section: 20
Hours: 7

I worked on fabricating and installing the pitot mast. I purchased the Gretz kit with the holes drilled from Aircraft Spruce (some assembly required). The Garmin GAP-26 heated pitot fits nicely in the Gretz mast. The kit includes the mast, mounting plate, spacer and a bag of nut plates and screws.
The mounting plate comes with a z-bend so it will fit over the spar flange. I lined up the plate so that 4 holes in the spar flange lined up centered on the mounting plate. The mounting plate is riveted to the spar flange, the bottom skin and to an angle bracket that ties to the outboard rib.
A rivet layout fan was included with my original tool kit and today was the first time I actually needed to use it. Works great! You drill the holes on either end of the line, cleco the fan in place and use the fingers to drill the rest of the holes.

I fabricated the rib to mounting plate angle from some scrap .063 sheet I had lying around. I dimpled all the holes in the bottom skin. For the mounting plate, I counter sank the holes that go to the angle brace and dimpled the rest.
 Here is the back showing how the angle brace ties to the rib.
I spent the rest of the afternoon scrubbing, etching and painting parts for the various assemblies going into the wing. I've been using the Stewart EcoPrime water based primer and I couldn't tell if the paint was drying or freezing- it was cold today. I took the parts inside the house to warm up and cure after this picture was taken.

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