Saturday, February 17, 2018

Section: 23
Hours: 6

We are having more unseasonable warm weather (70 degrees in the afternoon) so I decided to prep and prime some parts. Here are the aileron push rods and end caps, the GMU-22 magnetometer mounting bracket, wing tip ribs and the elevator gap closure fairings. I also spent some time cleaning up the garage some.

I also spent some time working out more details for the wing wiring. I will be using the Van's provided wiring harnesses since I already have them on hand. From my initial research it looks like I will have to provide additional wiring for several items:

1) The FlyLEDS wingtip LED strobe lights may be electrically noisy so it is recommended that they be wired using a shielded pair of 18-22 ga. wire.

2) I will be installing a GAP-26 regulated pitot heater that requires additional wiring runs for power and the sense line that attaches to a G3X annunciator.

3) I think I'll be mounting the outside air temperature (OAT) in the left wing and it will require extra wiring.

4) I am going to use an Archer nav antenna embedded in the right wing tip and it will require a coax cable run.

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