Monday, September 26, 2016

Section: 35
Hours: 5

I finished assembling the forward upper fuselage parts.

Here's the wiring channel with the nut plates applied.

This assembly supports the canopy and the instrument panel.

Next I riveted the upper longeron assembly to the fuselage. The plans specify that you seal the joint between the side skin and the longeron, I assume to make it water tight. You don't want water leaking in while flying in the clouds. I started by masking off the side skin and applied a thick bead of ProSeal between the side skin and the longeron. Then I squished the upper longeron assembly down on the ProSeal and clecoed it in place. I shot the pull rivets using the pneumatic pull rivet gun and then cleaned up the excess ProSeal and removed the masking tape. Sorry I don't have pics of those intermediate steps- my hands were sticky from ProSeal. Here is the final result.

I'm glad I purchased the pneumatic rivet puller- it made this task much easier.

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