Monday, September 12, 2016

Section: 35
Hours: 2

I've been researching avionics for some time. Now that I have some panel structure in place, I couldn't resist trying out some visual aids. I printed out full size pictures of the gear I'm interested in and mounted them on mockup cardboard instrument panel sections. I'm looking at installing Garmin radios and displays. The center stack will have a GMC 307 auto pilot controller on top, a GTN-650 GPS/COM/NAV and a GMA 245 audio panel. The left panel will have a G3X 10" touch display and a small G5 attitude backup display. I may mount an iPad on the right side so the passenger has something to fiddle with. Behind the panel I'm planning to install a GTR 20 backup com radio and a GTX 45R ADSB/transponder. There's still lots more to figure out...

Section: 32
Hours: 3

This afternoon I started the task of riveting the baggage floors in. There sure are a lot of pull rivets in this section. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a pneumatic pull rivet tool at Harbor Freight before I wreck my hands. I don't want to spend the next couple weeks recovering from RSI.

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