Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Section: 32
Hours: 1

I riveted nut plates to the baggage floor parts first thing this morning.

Section: 30
Hours: 5

I spent the rest of the morning prepping for finishing the riveting between the tail and the fuselage. My friend Richard came over after lunch and helped me with the riveting. These rivets require a helper - my arms just aren't long enough to reach that far.

Many of the rivets we were able to back rivet. Richard expertly kept the large mushroom head bucking bar on all the rivet heads around the compound curves and I back riveted. It was nice to be able to tip the fuselage on it's side for these rivets.

The long backset stick made it easier to reach the corners inside the fuselage.

All the skins laid down nicely after riveting.

Four skins (and some bulkheads) come together in this corner. I had put in some extra work breaking edges on these skins and they all laid down nicely.

All the baggage ribs are now tied to the skins and bulkheads. The open rivet holes are for the baggage floors which will be going in soon.

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