Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Section: 32
Hours: 6

I FINALLY finished riveting the baggage floors!

The plans called out for a couple pull rivets in the area around the step access panel, but I was able to shoot solid rivets everywhere. Since I'm building the tail dragger version, I'm not installing the heavy aluminum fittings for the outside step so there weren't any obstructions to riveting.

I also layed out the UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) bushings per the plans. This thermoplastic polyethylene has extremely long polymer chains and has the highest impact strength of currently available plastics. It is also self lubricating and has a very low coefficient of friction and is 15 times more resistant to abrasion than steel, which makes it an ideal material for bushings.

I used to have a drafting circle template but I couldn't find it today. I was scrounging around for circular objects with radii that would match the callout in the drawing when I discovered I had a complete set- the sockets from my socket set!

I used the band saw to cut along my layout lines. From previous experience I knew it would be hard to sand to the final dimensions so I cut really close with the band saw. The UHMW is tough stuff and does not easily sand on the belt sander. Luckily, Van's already machined the close tolerance stuff- the bushing hole and the bolt holes.

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