Friday, April 22, 2016

Section: 16
Hours: 4

Today I finished dimpling the upper wing skins. I also filed and polished the edges of the bottom wing skins.

When I disassembled the left wing, I discovered that I had placed the lower wing walk flipped the wrong way. As a result, the whole panel ended up about 1/4" out of position and some of the holes got doubled. I ordered a small sheet of .025 2024-T3 from Aircraft Spruce to make a replacement.

Left doubler with extra holes on top.

Woody is always looking for ways to help with the construction. He's really good at sniffing out quality control problems, but he has a hard time with hand tools. Too bad Cleveland Tools doesn't have any paw tools. Today we found a good job for him- removing the blue protective plastic from the aluminum skins.

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