Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Section: 15
Hours: 6

Today we continued work on the sub spar assemblies. I matched drilled several doubler plates. One of the plates has a hole for the aileron pushrod that has to be cut. I traced the hole shape from the spar and then drilled a couple rough holes using the step drill.

When I purchased my Dremel I also ordered a set of bits from Amazon. The set included a bit that looks like an end mill, which I chose to rough out the hole.

I clecoed the doubler to the spar which already has the proper sized pushrod hole. Then I used Dremel to hog out the hole to approximate size.

Then I finished up with the sanding drum tool.

Here's the final cut after running the sanding drum over it.

There are several heavy doublers that I straightened and then dressed the edges.

After all the hole drilling, deburring, edge dressing and straightening, Woody and I clecoed the sub spar onto the left wing.  Now it looks like we are making progress!

We also assembled the right wing. Tomorrow we will final drill holes and do some more countersinking, but that is a task that requires some early in the day clarity of thought and vision.

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