Monday, April 11, 2016

Section: 14
Hours: 4

First thing today Woody and I inspected the work from yesterday. Woody smelled out a few not so well set rivets. I carefully drilled them out and reset new ones.

My goto bucking bar for setting the AD4-7 rivets is the special RV-14 bar originally for setting some rivets in the elevator. I found this bar was massive enough to set the big rivets and easy to hold flat (I used the flat surface of the bar, not the special angle section that was ground for the elevator rivets).

After finishing the rework, I set the forward rivet of the rib tabs under the spar flange in the gas tank area.

This afternoon the torque meter I ordered from Amazon arrived. Section 5.20 of the manual says for friction lock nuts you must measure the drag friction and add that to the specified torque table value.  You run the bolt down to until it is 1 or 2 threads from being seated and then measure the friction. Here I'm measuring 12-14 inch pounds of friction drag which I will add to the 28 in.lbs. specified for the nut for a total of 42 in. lbs.

I used my torque wrench set to 42 in.lbs. to tighten down the bolt and then went back and measured the result. Looks like the torque wrench and the torque meter agree!

I began work on the rear spar assemblies at the end of the day. More heavy aluminum pieces with rough edges that need to be smoothed out and flattened.

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