Saturday, April 9, 2016

Section: 14
Hours: 6

With that last batch of priming behind me I was able to get back to riveting today. First up I used the squeezer to attach the flap hinge brackets (2 of 4 ribs shown)

Here are the riveted torque tube support subassemblies.

The rivet holes for attaching the torque tube support to the wing rib were too close to the angle wall to fit the squeezer in so I clamped the rib to the table and used the rivet gun and a bucking bar.

Next I clecoed all the ribs to the spars and then sorted out the AN3 bolts attach bolts by length. The manual details which length bolts go to each rib, but the drawing is very busy. I started with the outboard rib and worked my way in. I did the left and right wings simultaneously to make sure I put the same bolts in the same ribs in the same places on both wings. As I inserted the bolts for each rib, I yellowed out the bolt callout on the drawing to keep track of where I was in the assembly. I finished inserting the bolts for all but the inboard 3 ribs and have the right number and sizes of bolts left. Tomorrow when I'm fresh I'll double check my bolt placements and torque them down.

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