Monday, April 18, 2016

Section: 15
Hours: 6

Here I'm using a 5/8" and a 7/16" socket and my vise to seat a bearing in the aileron bracket inner support piece. The bearing body is a tight fit, but once properly inserted, the bearing moves freely.

These three pieces get riveted together and combined capture the bearing. The pockets in the side pieces still had clearance even after priming, although, I was careful not to load up too much primer in the sockets.

Here are the left and right wing, inner and outer aileron support brackets.

Before attaching the sub spars to the wing, you rivet the doubler pieces to the spar leaving empty holes where the ribs will be riveted later.

Here is how the aileron support brackets attach.

Here's the spars with doublers attached. Tomorrow these will be riveted to the ribs.

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