Monday, October 12, 2015

Section: 10
Hours: 8

The empennage kit comes with a wiring harness. At this stage of the assembly it is easy to run the wires back through the tail cone before adding the side skins.

I added the side skins after running the wiring harness and began riveting.

Where the side skins, bottom skin, aft bottom skin and tail wheel spring support come together there is a tough overlap. You have to be sure to get the pieces layered in the correct order. I looked at the plans multiple times and consulted build blogs of others who had already built this section to determine exactly how it was supposed to fit. The plans call out breaking the edges of the skins to ensure a gapless joint. It still will take careful riveting to pull all the pieces smoothly together. With just the clecos holding it together the skins are pretty far apart.

Here are some shots of the inside. The tie wraps for the wiring runs are still loose because there are more lines to be run later.

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