Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Section: 40B
Hours: 6

The fuselage is now on it's legs for the first time! This is one of those days that feels like real progress.

I propped the tail on a sawhorse and lifted the fuselage off the table using the engine hoist to prepare installing of the gear legs.
After sanding off some excess enamel from the gear legs I was able to insert the legs and clamp them in place.
As usual, Woody was quality control inspector for todays work. Here I've installed the sheet axel on the gear leg.
You have to ream the bolt holt to final size.
When both legs are on you check the axel alignment by attaching wood blocks and then drawing a string tightly between the two legs across the blocks.
Looks like I will not need to add any shims!
The fuselage is now on legs and can be rolled around!!!

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