Friday, May 18, 2018

Section: 38
Hours: 5

I sanded off the rough edges of the resin fillet that was applied yesterday. Then I wet out and applied the fiberglass parts called out in the manual. The first several layers I added black pigment to the resin. I use a paint brush to paint on resin and then lay the dry fiberglass parts over the resin. The resin soaks into the fiberglass from below. Any dry spots I dab more resin on with the brush. Then I use paper towels to blot up excess resin. The goal is to have as high a glass to resin ratio as possible with no air bubbles or voids.
 The corners of the canopy needed some help to lay down to the frame. I applied an aluminum clip with duct tape to temporarily hold it in place. Here is the full layup.

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