Thursday, May 17, 2018

Section: 38
Hours: 5

I watched the Vans video tutorials on how to glass the canopy to the frame and then cut out the fiberglass pieces using the round cutting knife. One trick I use for handling fiberglass, especially when the pieces are bias cut is to attach wax paper first and then do the cuts. I lay out the fiberglass on a smooth table, lightly mist 3M 77 spray glue onto wax paper sheets (hold the spray can 3 feet above the wax paper and lightly spritz). Then carefully place the wax paper onto the fiberglass. Then make the cuts and leave the wax paper in place so the parts do not distort or get frayed around the edges. Only take the wax paper off after applying the piece to the layup.
 Here I've added a fillet of resin/micro balloons between the edge of the canopy and the canopy frame. I added some black pigment to color the resin mix. I now wish I had added more, the mix came out a gray instead of black color. Build on...

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